Events 2020 
FOSCIK – Missions Kenya 2020 
May 11th thru 23rd 2020 
Join us in our mission to serve the children and others in need. FOSCIK work with Shelter Children, (teaching, praying, school supplies, and more. Evangelize across the country, issuing Bibles, and more. 
FOSCIK – Missions Baltimore 2020 
Join us as we work with the Christian Liberty Church in west Baltimore. 
August 2020 
FOSCIK – Missions Stand Down 2020 
Join us as we serve the Veterans in the Chicago, IL. Area. 
October 2020
FOSCIK – Recent Missions 
Jan 1 thru 17th 2020 – Chicago, IL. 
The FOSCIK Mission Project – Socks and Gloves for the Homeless project was a success. We raised close to 500 pairs of socks, 150 pairs of gloves. There were also donations of miscellaneous items such as hats, scarves, coats, shoes and hand warmers.