History of FOSCIK
Friends of Sheltered Children In Kenya" (FOSCIK), began in March 2003. After visiting this country in 2001 and 2002, Deacon McLaughlin decided that he wanted to be of some assistance. During his visits he found out that many church congregants in Kenya didn’t have their own Bibles. 
Deacon McLaughlin came back with a vision to raise 2000 Bibles for Kenya. After discussing this idea with his wife, they gathered a few friends to help with this project. McLaughlin then returned to Kenya to distribute the Bibles. 
While waiting on the Bibles to arrive, he toured an Orphaned Children’s Shelter, and school. So moved by the conditions of the school, and shelter he decided to assist in sponsoring 13 children, including a little boy who had been abandoned and left in the bush. He returned to the U.S. with an extended mission; to seek out sponsorship for the remaining children at the Shelter. 
After his return back to the U.S. he met with team members. First order of business was to come up with a name for the group. After brain storming with the team members it was decided since our mission was focused in Kenya, we would call ourselves ;Friends Of Sheltered Children In Kenya (FOSCIK). 
The FOSCIK organization grew to assisting four shelters throughout Kenya. Then registering as a; Community Based Organization (CBO), and later a Non Governmental Organization (NGO). 
In the year 2005, FOSCIK started a seven year project to operate its own orphaned shelter and outreach program. The mission of FOSCIK was to set up income generating projects so that the shelter could operate its self. After 10 years, FOSCIK transitioned from this children’s shelter. 
FOSCIK Board Members and volunteers sponsored many of the children. 
*it’s mission has been to assist in providing education, medical, lodging and spiritual guidance, 
*shipped and carried school supplies and clothing 
*we have assisted in supplying clean water to drink, 
*purchased land to build a Church.  
FOSCIK also assists Battered Women and Children, Homeless, Substance Abuse Shelters and Senior Citizens Homes in the Chicago land area of the United States.  
FOSCIK’s latest mission is to build a place of worship on its property