Willie McLaughlin  
Serves as president & treasurer of the FOSCIK organization. He graduated from DeVry Institute of Technology and the Coyne American Institute. He also completed Law Enforcement training at the Chicago Police Academy, and Wright Community College for Criminal and Constitutional Law.  
Deacon McLaughlin is now retired, but worked with the Police Department at the rank of Sergeant. He served with the Forest Preserve Police Department of Cook County for approximately 27 years.  
He served as the Director/Trainer of the Police Canine Unit Division, as well as Patrol Supervisor.  
His foreign missions work began when he spearheaded a mission project to send 2,000 bibles to Africa. While there, he initiated a mission project to work with orphaned, destitute and abandoned children. He and his wife started out by personally sponsoring 12 of these children. 
Willie has served on the mission fields in Kenya each year since he co-founded the organization FOSCIK. His work on the mission field has also taken him to Gambia, and Guinea Bissau, Africa.  
He has served in Jamaica and the United States; Texas, Baltimore, Maryland, and Chicago, Illinois.