FOSCIK is a non-for-profit organization made up of diligent volunteers. Its mission is to reach out to would be donors that will assist in providing support to those in need. This support would be in supplying food, lodging, medical and spiritual needs through hands on and financial support.

FOSCIK has been instrumental in providing assistance in East Africa, West Africa, Jamaica, and the United States. We work with orphans, homeless, and those in dire need of support. We have assisted by digging a well for clean water, helped to pay for educational and medical fees, provide clothing and lodging. 

has purchased land to build a church and a shelter for children as future projects on this land. Sheltered children have many problems that are not as visible as a child suffering from starvation. But their problems are just as serious. Many are orphaned, destitute, or abandoned. They suffer from mental and medical problems, such as; HIV/Aids, diabetes, various blood disorders, malnutrition, and skin diseases. Many suffer from improper hygiene due to the lack of clean water and/or proper sanitary training.  

We face many challenges during our efforts to assist those in need around the world. Flooding, finance, terrorist attacks, bombings, thefts, etc.

No one in the FOSCIK organization receives a salary. Your donations will be utilized to assist in the operations and goals to complete the FOSCIK Mission. 

FOSCIK is in much need of your assistance to continue the level of support provided.

FOSCIK is registered with the Federal Government - as well as the Illinois Attorney Generals Office. 

Psalm 41;1-2 Blessed is he that considers the poor; the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble. The Lord will preserve him, and keep him alive; and he shall be blessed upon the earth; and thou will not deliver him unto the will of his enemies.